Aershop in the NEWS:

New York, NY

Our imagined scenarios have been featured in Newsweek, Praxis, Topos, Kerb Journal, Harvard Design Magazine, and The Architect's Newspaper.

03.28.2014: Aershop for Environmental Practice Journal. Dredging: An Expanded View

09.01.2013: Takuma for Kerb 21: Uncharted Territories

08.26.2013: Takuma for CCNY Traveling Studio
Hydrofold: A Fluid Urbanism For Southern California

00.00.2013: Dredge Economies, digital publication,

12.07.2012: article,

12.04.2012: Civitas, digital publication,

09.11.2012: article,

06.08.2012: article,

06.07.2012: article,

06.05.2012: article,

05.11.2012: exhibit, Museum of the City of New York, 6/6 - 10/28

05.11.2012: Aershop in Praxis, Issue 13: Eco-logics, pp58-61

05.00.2012: newsletter,

04.26.2012: article,

04.26.2012: article,

04.19.2012: Finalist for Reimagining the Waterfront

03.30.2012: article,

03.08.2012: Sustain This! exhibit, Boston Architectural College

02.09.2012: Takuma named Inaugural Fellow

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*RISD News

01.20.2012: Takuma in Belgium with Kelly Shannon

09.01.2011: Darina is Lecturer at Harvard GSD

04.08.2011: Bizarre Animals at Harvard

F/W2010-11: Harvard Design Magazine 33, Design Practices Now

10.20.2010: waterWORKS exhibit, Boston Architectural College

10.12.2010: Public Lecture at RISD, "On AE"

09.00.2010: X-Mutations of an Infrastructural City, RISD

09.00.2010: Takuma is Assistant Professor at RISD

07.19.2010: article,

07.19.2010: NEWSWEEK article, "Future of Work: Los Angeles"

07.30.2010: Aershop featured in Topos 71, Landscape Urbanism

07.15.2010: Semifinalist, One Prize

03.03.2010: 1st dibs article on WPA 2.0 Finalists

01.17.2010: article,

01.17.2010: article,

01.00.2010: Building Stimulus, Boston Architectural College

00.00.2010: post, futurecitylab

11.20.2009: article,

11.18.2009: article,

11.16.2009: exhibit, National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.

11.16.2009: Finalist, WPA 2.0

09.06.2009: post,

09.04.2009: post,

00.00.2009: post,

New York, NY